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How to Save Instagram DP on PC & Android

Are you surfing on Google for How to Save Instagram Profile Picture in full-size HD quality? Then you are in the right place. Instagram is full of people with great profile pictures and beautiful images and videos. Sometimes we may feel like download an Instagram profile picture because they looked so gorgeous. When you browse Instagram, the profile pictures are small and there is no option to enlarge them. Here in this article, I will tell you How to enlarge the Insta DP and How to Save Profile Picture.

Instagram has over 800 million active users. Protecting the media files uploaded by users is the responsibility of the social network. Instagram does not allow users to download video, photos and profile pictures in their mobile app, even we can not preview profile pictures on Instagram using our official app.

How to Save Instagram DP on PC & Android

How to Save Instagram Profile Picture

You can Save Instagram DP by copying and pasting URL into the web browser.

Using the below method, you can download and preview anyone’s Instagram profile picture at full size. You no need to use third-party application installation for this method.

  • Go to any Instagram profile in the mobile app or desktop browser.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon and select ‘Copy Profile URL’. On desktop browsers, simply copy the address bar URL.
  • Open a web browser (e.g., Google Chrome) and paste the URL into the address bar.
  • Hold or right-click on the profile picture and select ‘Open Image in a New Tab’.
  • Right-click or hold over the picture in Chrome and select ‘Save Image’ to download it on your device.

Save Instagram Profile Picture on Mobile Using Third-Party Apps

Apart from the above method, you can also use the below Android apps to download Instagram profile pictures quickly.

Insta Profile Pic Zoom & Save

If you want to get someone’s Instagram profile picture in full quality without having to open the Instagram app, this is the perfect tool for you. The app is available for free and lets you view and save Insta profile pictures.

  • Enter the profile name and hit the Get Profile Picture button.
  • The app will then scour the Insta-world and fetch you the picture of your desire.
  • You can then hit the Save icon at the top-right corner of the app beside the Share button.
  • You can also view saved profile pictures by tapping the Gallery icon at the top-right corner on the home screen.

Insta Big Profile Photo

Sometime you may not recognize known faces when they appear in small sizes in the form of Insta profile pictures. Hence, it’s better if you have a photo-enlarging app like this one.

  • Open the Instagram app, copy the image URL and paste it on to the Insta Big Profile Photo interface.
  • Then, hit Load It to see the profile picture in full size.


Profile Picture Download for Instagram

This Android app is probably the most clutter-free Insta profile picture saver. This app doesn’t require you to have the Instagram app installed on your device.

  • Type the profile name on the top of the screen and hit Search.
  • Once the desired profile picture appears on screen, tap the Download this picture button at the bottom.
  • This will save the picture to your phone’s Gallery.

Profile Picture Download for Instagram

Tips to get Instagram Followers

Creative Profile Pictures & Bio

Well-crafted profiles are a huge key to increasing your followers. When a user visits your profile they are more likely to click the follow button when your profile has a clean aesthetic, unique descriptive bio and an attractive profile picture.

While not required we recommend that you upload a high-resolution profile picture. This allows Instagram to display a nice crispy photo which is much more attractive to new followers than a blurry low-resolution photo.

Keep Content Consistent

Choose a theme or color scheme. It might be minimalistic, hipster, tropical, colorful, grunge etc. Pick a theme and stick with it. People love patterns and expect a certain consistency from every page. For example, if you have a page that is minimalistic with light colors try to keep the theme going and don’t post anything very bright and colorful. Followers get used to your theme and when you do something out of the ordinary it might make them unfollow you.

Create a Schedule

Just as your followers like consistent content, they love it when it’s on schedule. Your followers form a habit of consuming your content at a certain time. Find the best time to post and stick to the schedule. This will be different for each account depending on where your followers are located in the world.

Stay Engaged

Speak to your audience. When you write your caption make sure to create a “call to action”. Ask your followers questions and reward them by responding to their comments. This will help create a strong relationship with your followers and attract new followers.

We hope these tips help you grow your page on Instagram.

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