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How Optus Data Share Works? Optus Data Pool Setup

Data Sharing a Good Idea. Do you have multiple Optus plans in your home? If the answer is Yes, then you can share data between them. Data Pool is the simple, efficient and seamless distribution of data inclusions to those who use it most. Data sharing allows you to share the data between multiple mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots or across multiple family members.

Optus Data family sharing is now easier than ever with Optus new “data pool” plans. Here we are providing complete information about Optus Data Share.

Optus Data Share

With family data sharing, you can combine all the mobile plans registered to your home on the same bill. Several telcos like Telstra, Vodafone and Optus had launched data sharing mobile phone plans. All carriers start their data sharing plans around $30-$35 a month.

In a four members family, mostly Dad don’t use his data quota but the kids are addicted to playing Video games and watching youtube videos. So you can share the combined data allocation across the entire family and can avoid excess data charges which in results saves your money.

If you have a SIM for your iPad but don’t always use up the data, Don’t worry friends! you can use that on your phone as well.

Optus introduced “family sharing” plans in April 2015. The data sharing model has been simplified, and you can now share data across any eligible plans and devices – it may be between multiple family members or across your own gadget collection.

How Data Pool Works

Any My Plan Plus or My Mobile Broadband Plus plans that are on a single bill will automatically have their data allowances combined into a single “data pool”.

That applies both to contract My Plan Plus and the SIM-only month to month version. If you exceed the data allowance on your own device Plan and there is still data left in the pool, you’ll use that.

  • If the pool runs out, you’ll pay $10 for an extra 1GB of data, which is added automatically.
  • There is no charge for adding devices to the pool – they simply have to be on the same bill.

Optus says existing customers will have their pools enabled automatically.

Note that this only works if you’re on the My Plan Plus or My Mobile Broadband Plus plans. If you’re signed up to an older Optus plan, you’ll have to switch to My Plan Plus or My Mobile Broadband Plus to make use of Optus data sharing.

If you’re a contract customer, you may have to sign up for a new contract to qualify.

Note: Optus data sharing is only applied to mobile data.

Optus and Vodafone don’t charge any sign-up fee for its family plan Whereas Telstra’s Go Mobile sharing plans charge $5 a month.

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What is Family Data Sharing?

By combining any of Optus latest postpaid mobile and mobile broadband plans onto one bill, a Data Pool will allow you to share your total monthly data between devices.

You can share data with multiple devices in the family to access essential entertainment like live sports streaming, TV and movies and the hottest mobile games.

Benefits of Optus Data Share Plan

  • If you need extra data, Optus will automatically top you up for just $10 per extra 1GB of data for use in that billing month.
  • UNLIMITED standard national talk and text for everyone connected to one of Optus latest My Plan Plus (including SIM only) mobile plans, or My Plan Flex leasing plans.
  • Optus will send you usage alerts and you can monitor your spend through the My Optus App.

Data Pool for an Individual

Not only family an individual also can enjoy the benefits of Data Pool. Data Pool will be more useful if you are having multiple devices like Smartphone and Tablets and all the devices use heaps of data.

Data Pool gives you the convenience of one bill for all your eligible mobile plans so that all the data inclusions of your connected devices become one. You can connect any combination of My Plan Plus (including SIM Only) mobile plans, My Plan Flex leasing plans, and My Mobile Broadband Plus plans.

Optus Data ShareCons:

  • You can’t share unlimited broadband from your home ADSL, cable or NBN with your mobile devices.
  • Your plan’s included minutes and SMS/MMS are not shareable. A plan’s included minutes and SMS/MMS can only be used by the mobile service to which they are connected, but remember, any mobile service connected to one of our latest My Plan Plus (including SIM Only) mobile plans, or My Plan Flex leasing plans will get the benefit of unlimited minutes to standard national Australian mobiles and landlines, 13/1300 numbers and voicemail.

How to track of Optus Data Share Usage?

Optus will send you SMS usage alerts once you’ve reached approximately 50%, 85% and 100% of your combined shared data inclusion.

Optus will also send you an SMS when you’ve reached 85% and 100% of any additional data that you use above your standard combined shared data inclusion each month.

Optus Month to Month

Your Data Pool’s data will not roll over from month-to-month. Any unused data in the Data Pool expires at the end of the billing month.

Hope you know complete information about Optus Data Pool. Still, if you have any issues regarding this Optus Family Data Share, you can ask us at below comment box. If you like the article ” How to Activate Optus Data Share with Data Pool? Family Data Sharing”, you can share with your friends via Facebook & Google+ and feel free to ask your doubts.

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