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150+ Funny Wi-Fi Names List of Router Network SSID

Do you want to rename your router with best Funny Wi-Fi Names? Then this article will help you a lot. Finding unique and awesome names for your Wi-Fi router is a difficult task. In this inventive and inspired world, most of the people have the internet connection at their home and offices.

Everyone wants unique Wi-Fi names for their wireless router. Here I am going to share creative and funniest Wi-Fi Names List 2018 for you. These days each Restaurant, Hotels and even Railways has its personal WiFi networks. And All possess some funny wifi network names.

When we buy a router then the first thing you need to do is change the Wi-Fi name of a router network SSID. When you buy a Wi-Fi router, it comes with a default name which is usually the name of the manufacturer or the name of the product.

So people change the Wi-Fi name mostly for identifying their Wi-Fi network. Some people may name their Wi-Fi after their own name, or some may write a small and funny message. Some people just want to warn potential Wi-Fi stealers to stop trying to access their network.

Best WiFi Names Generator

You can create or choose wireless names with the help of WiFi Names generator tools. If you search on Google, you can find many online WiFi Names generator tools which can help you to create best WiFi Names for your home router.

Mainly name generator tool asks you 2 or 3 words and merges them and generate new wifi name for you.

Wi-Fi name shows up when you open the wireless network or Wi-Fi connections on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device which can connect to a Wi-Fi network. Through a Wi-Fi name, you will be able to find out to which network you are connected.

With the help of Wi-Fi name, you will be able to identify if a particular Wi-Fi name is familiar to you or your device.

There are a lot of possibilities for a Wi-Fi name, but it should be noted that a Wi-Fi name or SSID has a maximum length of 32 characters.

150+ Funny Wi-Fi Names List of Router Network SSID

Funny Wi-Fi Names List

Many people are searching on the internet for funny wifi router names for their router. Let’s view the collection of the funny names for wifi network SSID.

2 Girls, 1 Router
404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
99 Problems But WiFi Ain’t One
A LANnister Always Surfs The Net
A Song Of Ice And Firewall
Abraham Linksys
Access Denied
All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
Area 51
Avengers – Wifi Wars
Babe Cave
Benjamin FrankLAN
Bill Wi, The Science Fi
Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi
Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
Click Here For Viruses
Connect And Die
Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
DHARMA Initiative – Station 4
Don’t even try it
Don’t You Wish Your Wifi Was Hot Like Me
Dora The Internet Explorer
Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
Dunder MiffLAN
Enter The Dragon’s Network
Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!
Everyday I’m Buffering
Feel Like Flying
Free Wifi For One Night Stand
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
Girls Gone Wireless
Go Away You Muggle
Go Home Tourists
God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!
Guardians Of The Gateway
Hack If You Can
Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
Here’s The Password Clue Read Again
Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
Hilary Clinternet
House LANister
How Is The Signal There?
I Have Wifi And You Don’t
I Pronounce You Man And WiFi
I’m Under Your Bed
I’ve Seen You Naked
It Hurts When IP
It’s a Small World Wide Web
It’s The Wifi Network Morty
John Wilkes Bluetooth
Josh BroLAN
Keep It On The Download
LAN Of Milk And Honey
LANdo Calrissian
LANDown Under
Life In The Fast LAN
Look Ma No Wires
Lord Of The Pings
Luke, I Am Your Wifi
Martin Router King
Mom Use This One
Mom, Click Here For Internet
My Damn Internet
My Neighbors Suck
My Own Damn Internet
Nacho WiFi
Network Name? Why Not Zoidberg?
New England Clam Router
No Free Wifi for you
No Pants No Problems
No Wi-Fi For You
Not A Meth Lab
Not Free So Get Stuffed
Not In Range
Not The Droids You’re Looking For
Occam’s Router
One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor
Only For Zombies
Penny Get Your Own Wifi
Please Connect for Identity Theft
Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
Quit Using My Wi-Fi
Router, I Hardly Know Her
Routers Of Rohan
Silence Of The LAN
Skynet Global Defense Network
Slow Internet Slow Fap
Slytherin Common Room Wifi
Stealing Wifi Is A Crime
Stiffler’s Mom
Suck On My Secure Connection
Tell My Wifi Love Her
The Creep Next Door
The LAN Before Time
The Promised LAN
The Triwizard Internet
The Wireless-G Spot
This is Not Free Either
Thrust Master
Titanic Syncing
Troy And Abed In The Modem
Troy and Abed in the Modem
Unprotected CeX
Very Slow Internet
Virus Distribution Center
Virus Infected WiFi
We Are Watching You
We Can Hear You Having Sex
Wi Believe I Can Fi
Wifi Art Thou Romeo
Wifi For Blowjobs
Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
WIFIght The Inevitable?
WI-FIght The Inevitable?
Will U marry Me?
Winternet Is Coming
Wu-Tang LAN
Ye Olde Internet
Yell “Doggy” To Know Password
You Load Nothing, Jon Snow
You Pay Now
Your Dog Shits In My Yard
Your grammar is more annoying
Your music is annoying
Your Wifi Is Sleeping Over
Your Wifi Is Sleeping With My Wifi

Why should I name My Wi-Fi?

Your home router is the only gateway to all the wireless devices connected to it for internet access and communication between these different wireless devices in the same home network.

So if someone from outside connects to your unsecured private network, he or she could have access to your devices. So that is why having the funny router names for your home router is essential for securing your private network.

Even if it has a password activated on it, if you have not changed the default Wi-Fi name, a hacker may have a good chance to get successful in gaining access to your home router by knowing the model of the router.

To be on the safe side, change the Wi-Fi name for your home router as soon as you install it. To be even safer, make a habit of changing the Wi-Fi name for your home router every few months or so.

Another reason to change the Wi-Fi name for your home router is to limit people connecting to your Wi-Fi. These people usually connect to your Wi-Fi, if they know the password, and they steal all the bandwidth by downloading the stuff like Photos, Videos, and Music on your network.

So when you change the Wi-Fi name and password, these people won’t be able to connect to your router and their devices also won’t be able to connect automatically whenever they are near to your network.

Why should I Change My Wi-Fi Password?

Just by knowing the model of your home router, a hacker may be able to get the default password for your home router. Along with changing the Wi-Fi name, also make a habit of changing the password of your Wi-Fi. Every time it may not be possible, but it is better for you if you change the default password.

Just like how you change the Wi-Fi name for your home router, change the password. Make sure the password contains a combination of different letters, numbers or symbols.

How to Update Wi-Fi Router?

If your home router has the functionality to update its software, make sure you do update it so that the new software update can remove any bugs or flaws which can make your home network vulnerable to attacks.

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