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250+ Cool Wi-Fi Names List for Your Router

Are you surfing on Google for crazy and Cool Wi-Fi names for your router? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. Now a day, each and every house, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotels are equipped with Wi-Fi network. Sometimes you get free Wi-Fi network at these places also. Have you ever think how one can give cool SSID name to their router? Wi-Fi has become a part of every individual’s life. Everyone wish to have an internet connection which is quite faster. In this article, we have shared cool names for wireless networks router.

Many people change their wireless network names with some crazy wifi names frequently. They also frequently change Wi-Fi password. If you turn your mobile wifi you will get hundreds of wifi router names of your neighbors.

Some people are very much particular about the router for their internet. Some Broadband service providers also giving free Wifi routers based on the plans. Who would say No? if the internet connection is available at free of cost.

250+ Cool Wi-Fi Names List for Your Router

Cool Wi-Fi Names

If you know the password of any Wi-Fi network then, you will have the whole world at your fingertips. We have so many people in this world with a lot of creativity and unique ideas about SSID names.

Here we have shared 250+ cool Wi-Fi names collection list for your router and network SSID.

100 problems but WiFi ain’t one
404 Network Unavailable Be Safe
All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us –
Bill Wi, the Science F
Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
Call Me Maybe
Call Me Maybe Any Time
Does God Know u steal the internet?
Don’t even try it
Feel Like Flying
Get your Own Wi-Fi FuckHead
Go Go Gadget Internet
Go Home Tourists
God is our Rock. He’ll save you!
Hide Your Kids Hide Your WiFi
I Pronounce You Man and Wi-Fi
LAN of Milk and Honey
Mum Use This One
My Own Damn Internet
No Free Wifi for you
Not Your Wifi
ogwarts Great hall Wifi
Once See Back
Only For Zombies
Please Come Back
Protected CeX
Really, asshole? Curry again?
Shut your Fucking Dog Up
Silence of the LAN
Super Thanks For Asking WiFi
The Promised LANs
This is Not Free Either Paid
Troy and Abed in the Modems
Virus Infected WiFi
Wi-Fight the inevitable?
You Lost Your Connection
You Pay Now
Your grammar is more annoying

Cool WI-Fi SSID Names

Here’s a collection of the most unusual and Coolest Wi-Fi names.

404 Network Unavailable
99 problems but WiFi ain’t one
A Lannister Always Surfs The Net
Abraham Linkyn
All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
AT n Titi
Big Bang Booger
Bill Wi, the Science Fi
Bluetooth Devices:
Call Me Maybe
Clever Wi-Fi Network Names
Cool WiFi Network names
Drop it like it’s Hotspot
FBI Surveillance Van #594
Free virus
God Is Our Rock. He’ll Save You!
Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi
I hate my neighbor
I Now Declare You Husband and WiFi
I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi
It’s Locked, WiFight It?
John’s full name in CAPS, no space
LAN of Milk and Honey
Martin Router King
Meat the Butcher
My A$$ is Hot4U
Nacho WiFi
New England Clam Router
Occam’s Router
Optimus Prime
Please Connect for Identity Theft
Please stop your barking dog
Please use me
Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
Pump it. ROUTER!
RSVP 4 Cody Banks
Super Thanks For Asking
The Dark Knight
The Promised LAN
This is Not Free Either
To use, bring boozeJohn Wilkes Bluetooth
Total Hear
Touch me, I’m horny
Troy and Abed in the Modem
Use This One Mom
Used Nicholas Cage DVDs 2 for 1
Want free wifi?!?!
We Use Sly22981 To Download Pron
Welcome To Your Doom
Wi Fi Fo Fum
Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
Wi-Fight the inevitable

Harry Potter Movie WiFi Names

Are you searching for Harry Potter Wi-Fi names for your router? Here I have shared best harry potter wireless network names for your router. Find out and share with your friends on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp.
Accio Internet
Alohomora Crack the Password
Connecto Patronum
Expelliarmus Your Internet
Go Away You Muggle
Go Away You Mugglee
Hermione Gringer
Hogwarts Express
Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
Hogwarts School of Free WiFi
It’s LeviOSA not LevioSAH
Let The Wand Choose It’s Wizard
Lord Voldemodem
Lord Voldemodem Gay
Ministry of Magic Secure Muggle Wifi
Not Your WiFi, B*tch
Order of the Phoenix
Ravenclaw Common Room Wifi
Room of Requirement
Slytherin Common Room Wifi
The Black Link
The Black Links
The Floo Network
The Mystery of Darkness
The Patronus Charm
The Triwizard Internet
The Whomping Wifi
The Whomping Wi-Fi
WiFi Guardium Leviosa
WIREgardium LESSiosa
Wizard Always

How to Change WiFi Name?

In order to change Wifi name of your router, you just need to log into your router through your Web browser. Basically, you have to enter a string of numbers into the URL of your browser.

You can find this by looking at the bottom of your router or you can search on the Google for your router brand. For example, Netgear router customers, use to reach the admin screen. At this point, you just navigate through the admin to find the Wi-Fi network name, then change it.

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