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Airtel V-Fiber Broadband 100 Mbps Speed Internet & Free Voice Calls

Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Plans & Welcome Offer. Airtel, India’s largest telecommunications service provider, today announced that it has deployed ‘V-Fiber’ technology to offer superfast broadband speeds to its customers. ‘V-Fiber’ is based on Vectorization – Europe’s No. 1 fixed broadband technology – and will deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps on Airtel’s fixed broadband footprint in 87 cities. Airtel is the first operator in India to deploy Vectorization. V-Fiber’ will deliver superfast data speeds over Airtel’s existing broadband network and enable a great online experience in a multi-device environment. Also Check out, Airtel Offers Free Incoming Calls on International Roaming for Postpaid & Prepaid.

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V-Fiber’ will transform the home broadband for Airtel customers with consistently superfast data speeds and enable HD video streaming, heavy file downloads and uploads in a multi-device environment (over Wi-Fi). More importantly, there is no new wiring, drilling etc. required at an existing customer’s premises. One simply needs to upgrade to a new modem to experience ‘V-Fiber’ speeds.

What is V-FIBER?

V-Fiber is a unique combination of fiber and Vectorization technology that delivers super fast speed. That means faster downloads, less buffering, and an ultra-reliable Wi-Fi connection for all the devices in your home.


  • Download a Movie within minutes.
  • Download songs at the snap of your fingers.
  • Stream your favorite videos without any buffer.
  • Make video calls with zero lag.
  • Download or upload heavy files without any worry.

Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Plans, Welcome Offer

Click Here for Airtel USSD Codes

Can Existing Customers Upgrade to ‘V-Fiber’ ?

Existing Airtel broadband customers can upgrade to ‘V-Fiber’ speeds with their current plan and enjoy superfast data speeds at no extra monthly cost. If they are not happy with the service within one month, Airtel will refund the modem charges and the amount will be adjusted in the next bill cycle. New customers will get Unlimited three months trial offer.

Unlimited Free voice calling

Airtel also announced the launch of unlimited free voice calling for all broadband customers. The facility is now available across broadband plans and customers can make unlimited free voice calls to any network across the country at no extra cost.

Airtel V-Fiber Welcome Offer

Airtel is offering an unlimited internet plan as a free trial to consumers who are not existing users of the service. One can apply for a new connection online and get the unlimited internet offer for 3 months.

Airtel V-Fiber Plans

The technology is currently operational in Chennai, while it is yet to arrive next in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. The company will eventually bring this service to all cities under its service network.

Airtel V-Fiber Plans for Chennai 

Monthly Tariff Data (FUP)
Rs.999 50 GB
Rs.1099 75 GB
Rs.1149 80 GB
Rs.1199 85 GB
Rs.1249 90 GB
Rs.1299 100 GB
Rs.1349 110 GB
Rs.1449 120 GB
Rs.1499 125 GB
Rs.1549 130 GB
Rs.1599 135 GB
Rs.1649 145 GB
Rs.1699 150 GB
Rs.1749 155 GB
Rs.1799 160 GB
Rs.1849 165 GB
Rs.1899 175 GB
Rs.1999 200 GB
Rs.2099 225 GB
Rs.2299 275 GB
Rs.2399 300 GB
Rs.2449 350 GB
Rs.2499 375 GB
Rs.2849 450 GB
Rs.2999 500 GB
Rs.3499 600 GB
Rs.3649 650 GB
Rs.3999 750 GB
Rs.4499 875 GB
Rs.4999 1000 GB

How To Get Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Connection?

Here you can apply for new V-Fiber connection or file a request to upgrade your existing connection.

How To Get Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Connection

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